Crown Resorts Enterprise Agreement

Crown Resorts is one of Australia`s leading hospitality and entertainment companies, known for its world-class resorts and casinos. Recently, the company has been making headlines due to its new enterprise agreement.

An enterprise agreement is a legally binding document that lays out the terms and conditions of employment for a group of employees in a particular workplace. Crown Resorts` new agreement affects thousands of its employees, including dealers, croupiers, and hospitality staff.

One of the main changes in the new agreement is an increase in pay for employees. According to reports, Crown Resorts employees will receive a 3% pay rise each year for the next three years. This increase is seen as a positive step towards fair pay in the industry, especially considering the recent allegations of underpayment and exploitation in the hospitality sector.

The new agreement also includes provisions for part-time and casual employees, such as the right to request flexible working arrangements and access to paid parental leave. These provisions are important in ensuring that employees have fair and equal access to workplace benefits, regardless of their employment status.

In addition to these changes, the enterprise agreement also includes measures to improve workplace safety and wellbeing, such as increased mental health support for employees and a zero-tolerance policy on workplace bullying and harassment. These initiatives are essential for creating a safe and healthy workplace culture, and for ensuring that employees feel supported and valued in their roles.

The new enterprise agreement has been welcomed by many in the industry, including union representatives and employee advocates. It is seen as a positive step towards improving pay and conditions for workers in the hospitality sector, and for setting a higher standard for workplace culture and safety.

Overall, the Crown Resorts enterprise agreement is a significant development for the industry, and one that should be celebrated as a step towards fair and equitable working conditions for all.